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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sigh. Winter Goes On And On

The temps have remained down in the teens for days, it wouldn't be too bad if it snowed more or something, but it's just icky, draggy cold. Jackson was in school a total of 2 1/2  days this week which was way more than Preston County which has been closed for going on 3 weeks now. We're expecting snow on Sunday, I have no idea how much. In other news, the other visit nurse at work has decided after all to quit and gave her two weeks notice. I'm not overly worried, if you're a nurse for more than 5 minutes you get to experience the special delights of "turnover" so I had my moment of panic followed by I'll deal with it. There's already two RNs lined up for interview for part time and the other manager will help me out, it's nothing out of the ordinary. Actually over the years I've learned to be wary of large sign on bonuses and higher than average salaries, in some professions this would be considered a good thing. In nursing  what it generally means is they can't keep staff and once they have you under thier thumb every shift will be like a combat zone. I took a job once in Scranton that was the highest paying in the area and after 2 nights on the floor I realized nothing could pay me enough to want to come back. 12  cardiac patients, some on cardiac drips (my favorite was the dopamine drip without a monitor because the manager didn't feel he needed one!!) - when we were short it was 18 patients per RN with one aide for the entire floor. We were supposed to have an LPN, "supposed to" being the operative words - you get the idea. I worked there for 4 months and will never forget it - I became very cautious after that about what I will, and more importantly will NOT do - mainly because you're bound to screw up with that size patient load and in the end it's your license that comes under fire, not the management's. Speaking of management I'm still having fun at my job and I'm still abusing my email daily.

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