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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

School? What Is That?

Yep, cancelled again. Jackson attended school 2 and a half days last week, one day this week and I'm sure tomorrow will be cancelled too. David's job has been delayed til Thursday as the materials have been's all a ripple effect from the snow. Please note MY job continues on, snow or no snow. But thank goodness I got new tires with treads. They're predicting 6 to 8 inches and given the Crack Weather Team's record it could be anything from rain to a full out blizzard. Valentine's Day is tomorrow as we all know, I don't think we're doing too much. I've always considered it a dorky and somewhat awkward sort of a day, nobody ever gets it right and you end up throwing out most of the candy heart due to the caramels which are brick like at best, dentist inducing at worst. Jackson is the easiest, he gets an industrial size box of Ferre Roche and plows through it in about 30 minutes and then skulks about the house looking to see if you got anything good. He and David continue to work out nightly with the exercise equipment and David has taught him to box which I always found a bit weird, but it's served both of our boys well. Neither of our kids are bullies but both can defend themselves rather impressively if needed. And they both enjoy boxing with Dad. I do not box, don't ask me to. And as you can see I finally figured out the hit counter thing - you can get free ones off the internet and can set it before you install it so I'm back to being accurate. Too bad I didn't think about it harder, I would've set it at a million billion and made myself look Very Popular.

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