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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Enough Already, Bring On The Sunshine

On Sunday I had to do an admission on a patient and of course it started snowing first thing in the morning. When I'd called for directions the patient's family asked if I had 4 wheel drive before anything else, I wilted a bit as there's only one reason anyone around here asks THAT question. HIPPA regulations prohibited me from taking a picture of that spectacular driveway that thankfully had been plowed, but I did indeed take a "running start" at it so the momentem would carry me up and over the hill, as opposed to down and in a ditch. I do enjoy the snow, but it feels likes it's time for it to go, doesn't it? Last night after I got home I took the dogs out and noticed - it's not quite so cold. The snow had melted a little during the day and here and there were patches of grass. The Crack Weather team has predicted it to be up in the 50's!! this weekend, wouldn't that be nice? David could use a little sunshine, he's not a cold weather person and this has been quite wearing on him this year. He's been worried about his dad too, a couple of days ago Bob woke up bleeding profusely from his mouth. David's mom called 911 and they ended up removing  a growth and cauterizing it in the back of his throat. The biopsy isn't back yet and Bob has to follow up with the doctor - apparently the growth is in the back of his nasal passage and needs further attention. It's not like David can "do" anything and his brother and sister are there, but this is when the distance gets very hard for him and the cold weather certainly isn't helping. So I'm hurrying spring along and hopefully, it'll be here this weekend!

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