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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Best Buy Sucks Too!

Well, the good news is we got our computer back. The bad news is it was never even looked at, even after a week of sitting down at Best Buy. David called yesterday and spoke with Brian who once again gave him the Vista Speech followed by The Run Around. David told him he'd be down to get it and a refund of the money we'd paid upfront - Brian wanted to know if he wanted to speak to the manager! David told him since there were no plans of fixing the computer he didn't see where speaking to the manager (again) would make any difference. We're going to take it to Staples in Clarksburg later in the week, they guarentee 3 days - it's a bit farther and more expensive but after this experience with Best Buy I'd rather do that. In other news the weather has been warmer than usual, I've been thinking of getting my spring clothes out. Haha. It's been about 3 in the morning, then reaching a height of 12 during the day. School is cancelled again today so Jackson will be keeping company with Vincent the Cat, his roommate and general trouble maker. Here they cancel school if the temp goes below 2 - I think it has something to do with the school buses. David starts his next job Friday, it's been pushed back a couple of times but he's been using his free time to get some of the projects on the house further along. I have to get new tires, David's duking it out with the garage as I'm 55,000 miles under the warrenty and my front tires are pretty much shot so he'll be back down there this weekend. They're claiming they aren't bald! I'm getting so tired of having to fight everyone to honor thier service - just like Best Buy, why offer something you can't(or won't) deliver?

LOL - I wrote a letter to the corporate office and here's my reply:

Best Buy Customer,

This is an auto-acknowledgement indicating we have received your

Due to our higher than normal volumes, we will respond to your inquiry
within 48 to 72 hours. We apologize for the delay. Not to worry, orders
are still being processed and will be completed as soon as possible. We
will also continue to send out any order status updates via email.

Thank you for your patience.

Best wishes from Best Buy,
Your Customer Care Team

Apparently the Best Buy in Granville is just following company policy.

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quiltsnroses said...

Wow, not much luck with Best Buy, huh?  Isn't that where the "Geek Squad" is?  I thought those guys were suppose to be really good at repairing computers.  We were thinking of buying a new TV from there, (wishful thinking on hubby's part) but now maybe not.  When you spend a couple thousand dollars on a tv, you expect them to fix it right away if it malfunctions.  I had a good laugh over Corporate's letter to you.  If they are that overwhelmed, hire some more employees for crying out loud!  With service like that, they won't be overwhelmed for long will they?!  Hope you have better luck with Staples.