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Monday, April 23, 2007

Holy Crap Batman - It's Monday

Monday started off very well - I went straight to my 4 hour infusion, knitting in hand and spent the morning pleasantly. I've taken care of this particular patient for awhile now so it's gotten to the point of getting together with friends. When I got back to the office EVERYTHING hit the fan - and I only had two hours to deal with it before  my next visit. Mondays have turned into a free for all lately - all the doctors want thier labs MONDAY, all the wound vacs - MONDAY, insurance companies want thier weekly report MONDAY and  I've been doing visits on Monday along with everyone else as of course all the patients want to be seen MONDAY. It was two hair raising hours of phone calls and occasional whining with a few things hanging in the air for tomorrow. We'll hopefully be discharging a few of our Monday people in the near future. Then we had the opens done on the weekend, opens for this week and I'm still farming stuff out. The wierd thing is I know it'll calm down as the week progresses on  but it's hard not to get all wrapped up in the strum and drama. I take Pearl out when I get home now that the weather is warm, I fling dinner in the oven and grab a book and we head for the field out front. Pearl gets to run like a loon after being in the house all day and I get to sit back and take a break before phase two starts. That would be dinner dishes laundry cats dog bills phonecalls yada yada yada. David and Jackson are upstairs now watching some Fight Federation in which overly large and scary men are busy being scary with each other. I think you win a belt buckle or something  - you may be brain damaged but you'll have a new belt buckle. What more could you want out of life.

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