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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Friday Sucked. Thank You For Asking.

My day started off not great - the visit nurse called me at home to let me know she had to call in sick.  I mentally went over her day and mine, which at this point were one in the same and changed into a pair of scrubs since I'd be doing visits for at least half of the day. When I got to the office the first question was when I'd be back - I pointed out I would have to be gone before answering that question. I fielded one patient off to the other nurse and the 3 left were in town but that doesn't guarentee anything. All 3 had things to discuss - a lot of times it's just a new face that brings that on, but they were valid issues so I made a list and was back in the office at one. That would be when the shit really hit the fan - we had two patients stolen by competing agencies that needed stealing back - our nurse liason did a great job on that one! I had two new admits I needed to get auth for - they both had the wrong information, no phone numbers and there is a person named Fran at one insurance company that needs to stop sighing just because some people don't know the first name of the surgeon or her provider number for The Health Plan Of Ohio.Then she gave me the number that turned out to be a bunch of letters - who's sighing now! I'm on call this weekend and I got one admission. Then I got two and got them scheduled. Then I was given SIX visits which is a bit much. Especially since my car that's been making a funny noise intermittently is now making it all the time but it was ok because I only had one admission. Sigh sigh sigh. Susan farmed out the admits and then I got a callback from a patient - a simple thing to grander events. Bridgeport was supposed to fax over the info on the 6 visits and for some reason it wouldn't come through. At 5:15 Susan sent me home and said she'd make sure they were there in the morning as I was far beyond Done. When I got home poor Pearl had been in the house all day so I let her out and found my book to read outside. The very nice thing is the sun has finally decided to make a guest star appearance over West Virginia so we stayed out for quite awhile. I'm probably going to rent a car today and hopefully my garage can squeeze me in. And the other good thing is if I do the 6  visits this weekend I can take a day off next week!

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mosie1944 said...

Some days are diamonds, some are stone.  LOL.  Here's hoping if you get a day off during the week next week, it'll be a beautiful day!