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Thursday, April 5, 2007

I Am Boycotting The Snow

Well. I got up this morning to 20 degree tempetures and SNOW. I refuse to photograph any of it as it all stinks. That's right - stinks all across the boards. And this super sucks since we were nearing the high 70's not 48 hours ago. David actually had to stop working on his latest project as he said the snow was almost white out condition at times in Blacksville. I on the other hand was doing my last infusion of the day well off the beaten track, in an early 18th century farm house, complete with dogs and a fireplace. All of which would be very cozy if it was not APRIL. How will the bunny find me in all of this nastiness? I do not feel like eating peeps or Cadbury eggs, what a sad thing that is. We called Ray and told him he was on hold until next weekend - I just can't see him driving in a potential snowstorm. Even if it's just flurries the mountain roads around here can get bad quickly and if it ices up they'll be impassible. So even though we're pretty disappointed we'll be reasonable and wait until next weekend. I'm on call this weekend and it looks like I'll be a busy bee so maybe it's all for the better. Jackson's been having a quiet vacation, he's over Becky's today and they're going to a movie. Pearl is doing very well by the way, she's actually calmed down since Charger passed away and has not destroyed one thing so we're thinking maybe it's time we had an "only dog".

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mosie1944 said...

I'm with you.  I wouldn't take any snow pictures either.  I've had ENOUGH!