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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter?

Not only is it staying in the 20's, it had the unmitigated gall to snow off and on all day yesterday. I had two jobs yesterday - one was in Bridgeport so I wasn't complaining too hard. I called David around 11 and told him to take Jackson out to lunch  - since I would be out most of the day so they might as well find something to do. After I finished the second job - with a huffy senior citizen who thought I should know all of this stuff how many times did he have to do this,etc.. - I of course hightailed it to Emily Drive, Home Of Everything That Is Fun. I didn't buy anything, there was some yarn on clearance but I have so much in my stash I have to be a bit pickier - besides the stuff I want is in Knit Picks, the Other Home Of Everything Fun -    - I LOVE this catalog and they love me too since they send me one every five minutes. When I got home David and Jackson were still out which gave me ample opportunity to hog down as much Easter candy as I could hold before they got back. My plan for today is to continue eating candy with a brief break for an early dinner at the buffet. I can't go too far as I'm still on call but we're not officially celebrating until next week so it's no big. We usually don't do too much - it's not a religious holiday for me - it's just an excuse to see how many peeps and bunnies  I can eat without going into a sugar induced coma. Everyone have a good holiday!

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