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Monday, April 30, 2007

I Am Officially 46 Now.

Yep, I am wallowing in my Old Ladyness, lala. This weekend was interesting, I went to my yoga class - I was the only one who showed up! But at the last minute someone from the Wednesday class came for a make-up class so it was actually the two of us. Her name is Susan and I hope to see her again, we spent about half an hour talking in the parking lot, it's funny how you meet people that you like, isn't it? After that David and I went grocery shopping, with the two of us going full steam during the week we no longer have time to run to the store to pick little items up - we do Guerilla Shopping in which we buy everything we can think of and more all at once. Sunday was my birthday of course, but the weather was also quite nice so we were all mowing the lawn which is growing like crazy. We went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch, then shopping and picked up a birthday cake and Jet Li movies. I LOVE birthday cake and I love Jet Li so it was a fun afternoon. I'm back to work this morning but for a half day, I've got to get my oil changed and hopefully my haircut today. I also heard from Adam on Saturday morning, he sounded a bit quiet which I initially attributed to Sadness over his recent breakup but it was actually Hungoverness from the night before in Tokyo where he was calling from. He's dating a little bit, but he said nothing serious for now, he's had enough of that. But he sounded very well and is looking foward I think to being reassigned in July. In the only other news I wrote to two more Hueckers since I had not heard from Huecker #1 that I wrote to - one of them is in Bunceton Missouri instead of Louisville Kentucky but I figure if our family can move around here - they probably moved around there.

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mosie1944 said...

46?  Old Ladyness?  Girl, you have a LOT to learn.  When you are 62, you'll be thinking how young you were at 46!