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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dueling Tractors

Well, with the warmer weather and rain the grass is getting lovely and green. And long. David came in after dinner and announced he wanted to show me how the little lawn tractor started. I pointed out I could see the tractor quite well from the couch if I hinkied up a bit and looked out the window. Apparently there was more to the situation as he thought not only could he show me how to start the lawn tractor but then since it was running I could perhaps use it. So Pearl in tow we went over the Clutch, Reverse and of course Stop. I spent the first part of my time shrieking MOVE PEARL as she was a bit confused  how I was going to throw the toy if I was on a John Deere and persisted in standing in front of it. Any of you who think she would eventually move when it got too close, well, you obviously don't know Pearl too well. Then there is the other problem which is not rolling the tractor. WV is not flat and our yard although flatter than most is on an incline. One of the common injuries around here in the warm weather is a fractured femur because that's what usually snaps when you go up the hill a little too far and your mower flips even though you did scoot all the way to one side. If your yard is really steep what you do is get a push mower and tie a rope to the handle. Then you stand at the top of the hill and pull and release the rope - I've seen it done and it works way better than you think it does. I got most of the side yard by the pool done - apparently the lady of the house will be surveying her estate from a different angle this year!

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