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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Goes Down, Must Come Up

At least that's what we're hoping - the temps are very slowly rising, it was pretty cold yesterday but not as cold as it was Easter. We had a lot of fun, everyone sat around all morning hogging down candy and watching tv. We decided to check out the restaurants in town - a surprising amount of them were open and not too busy. Cheddars which you can NEVER get into looked promising so we went there first. We got a table right away and had a great meal. David and I split a dessert and then we went to Barnes and Noble for a little while. We called Ray - someone broke his window so he was upset. He found someone to repair it so hopefully it'll be done before Friday. He's planning on coming out and the weather is supposed to be getting much warmer. We've been hearing from Adam quite a bit, he's broken up with his girlfriend and it looks like for good this time - it's hard to end a relationship. But they've been off and on for quite awhile now so we're not surprised. Work has been very busy, I'm sailing in strange waters and organizing is not the easiest, we're doing tons of admissions but they're all over the map. The part time nurse has her PA license, the full time doesn't and we're overwhelmed with PA patients and the rest are off the beaten track - in the complete other direction. So I've been picking up some and we're shifting some here and there and that's on top of everything else going on.  It'll straighten itself out eventually. It's hard getting stuff done at home, being full time means no more afternoons to play catch up and I usually have to go straight home after work to get dinner started and the dog out. It's just a little rough going for now.

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