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Sunday, April 1, 2007

La la.

The Crack Weather Team Prediction: Warm and sunny, in the low to mid 70's. The reality - 50 - 60's with torrential rains followed by  occasional periods of Damp, Dismal and Disgusting. I got my summer clothes all sorted and put away - a first for me as I'm usually forced to wear turtlenecks well into June or find myself digging through a wrinkled mess trying to find something to wear that doesn't look like it spent the last 8 months in tiny ball in the back of a clothes bin. I also sorted out a a full bag of winterclothes to donate, there are some things I will never wear again no matter how many times I hang and store it. Or if it was ugly last year it will be ugly again this year, same for the worn, the spotted or the shirt that looked great in the store but hangs like a burlap bag when you get home. We're heading out to Blacksville after we drop Jackson off at Becky's - David has informed that although these people are not ultra religious I do indeed need to keep my paganist trap shut and there will be no talk of karma, alternate gods or anything of that ilk. We're also going to Gabriel Brothers as David needs some short sleeved shirts - once you shop for clothes in WV it's ruined anywhere else. I no longer haunt Victoria's Secret as my $4 bras from Gabes match my $10 underwear from Victoria's. My Lee jeans are about $7 as opposed to $30 elsewhere, you have to lurk the racks a bit more and try it on - not all mediums are the same - but it's very high quality clothes for a VERY low price. I guess I'd better get moving, have a great day everyone!

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