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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hamster On The Wheel

I've been upping my exercise a bit lately - I've started doing two minute sprints on the treadmill which if you know me is like walking on water. I'm fairly klutzy - the most uttered phrase in our house is "Are you alright?" followed by silence so they can figure out if I've actually done myself in this time or if I'm still drawing breath. Running on a treadmill to me feels like I'm running on top of a ball,( not to mention David bypassed the safety switch which adds a certain element of danger) so it's taken a while for me to be able to run without hanging onto the handles. But I can do it now after a few weeks and it makes it a bit more interesting. I think that's half the problem with exercise, is that no matter what you do it gets BORING after awhile. I've started lifting weights a little and I figure in a  couple of months we'll have the pool open so I can start swimming again. Between the rain and the cold I haven't been down to the park in ages, not to mention David has been driving Jackson to school in the morning. I have to work today, I have a readmission and an admission so not too bad. We aren't doing a whole lot for Easter - we'll probably go out to the buffet in Carmicheals, we're sort of holding off until Ray can get here next weekend. The temps are still down in the 20's, my forsythia tree has suffered a great deal, when I looked at it yesterday half of the blossoms were on the ground. The cats are getting annoyed and don't know what to do with themselves, they're constantly at the front door only to reappear 10 minutes later at the side door wanting to come back in. I wish it would warm up again!

OH! I forgot to mention this - I got the results of the OASIS test I took a few weeks ago - I got them at the office to boot which I hate. If revenge is a dish best served cold than the results of a test are best served alone so you be all humilated and upset by yourself. No one was peeking over my shoulder but concerned citizens were aware I had the envelope - and with a pass rate last year of only 76% I was none too eager to open it. So I opened the top carefully and peered in so I could see just the first line of the letter -but by then I was a bit more confident as I could feel an object on the bottom. Having been through this before I know that they do not include a prize if you didn't pass - so yes, I did indeed pass and am now a Certified Oasis Specialist and I even have a button to prove it.

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connie7280 said...

 Hi Julia, -- congratulations on passing your test.  I knew you would.  I`m going out to high tea today so we will celebrate for you.   Love -  Mom