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Friday, April 13, 2007

Is It Friday Already?

Business is booming at work, we all received emails that our office broke company records for billing - so the Powers That Be are quite happy. I've been shifting the visits to the nurses, it's gotten a little easier because  the patients in home care rotate constantly so most the patients that were "mine" have been discharged. I'm only keeping a few and will be remaining oncall in the visit nurse pool. I discussed this with my boss - it's much easier if there's 3 (or more) nurses to share the weekend oncall. When Lisa quit we were down to me and Mickey and since there are visits on the weekend it gets brutal having to do every other weekend. You end up working 12 days out of every 14 so being on call every 3rd week you feel like you get a break. I worked out the oncall schedule only to have to redo it - I managed to not only schedule myself for my birthday but also for my Dad's visit so I quickly redid it before I made it official. It's still pretty strange for me to be doing these things - and of course I still need more clothes. Shoes are an issue - I have come to the conclusion I'm too tall for heels, the 3 inch ones I tried on last week make me almost 6 foot. My closet is a sorry mess of hiking boots and sneakers and shopping doesn't do any good. Everything that I like has "Timberline" written on the side of it. Clothes I'm still hunting for too, since we've moved and as I've gotten older my clothes have gotten much more relaxed. Not to mention around here with all the hills and so forth clothes need to be practical. But we have Gabriel Brothers and I got there at least once a week to see what they have good - I do love that store! Ray will not be coming down this weekend - the weather looks like it'll be awful so hopefully the weather will get better in the next couple of weeks, I do miss him alot.

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lizzardweiss said...

Gee, 6' tall with 3" heels. Hmmm. No pity from some one who isn't even 5'6" with 3" heels!!! Personally, I see nothing wrong with sneakers and hiking boots. I got a pair of "cow boy" boots as they allow me to wear boots and look stylish without dealing with "heels" in the bargain.