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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tut Tut It looks Like Rain

I took Pearl out for her usual 4:30 am stroll - yes, I've turned the dog into an insomniac also thank you for asking. The good news is the tempetures are on the rise (again), but of course the bad news is the the rain continues to fall. The ground is so saturated at this point the water just lies on top and what lies underneath defies description. Well, actually it doesn't since I've spent many happy paragraphs describing WV mud in detail, the words "pig poop" being used liberally. Speaking of pigs, David has been grousing about a neighbor down the road who has indeed added pigs to his landscape - right next to the gazabo. I think it's hilarious but David mutters something about zoning every time he passes. As far as I'm concerned if I don't have to sit on the gazabo I really don't care. I got my stuff from KnitPicks yesterday, David asked me what it was and I told him it was an equivalent to a shotgun which made things quiet on his end. I'll take a picture of the yarn I got - it is SO COOL. It's sapphire blue lace weight and I have a project in mind since I'm obsessed with lace at the moment. It will be my most difficult project so far - we'll see what happens. I suppose I should go exercise, I've been getting a bit discouraged lately, I've been keeping it off more or less, but it seems the second I go off my diet - even for a couple of days - the weight comes back very rapidly. I'm thinking part of the problem has been the awful weather lately, it just doesn't make you want to do anything but sit on the couch and eat and I'm sure if I started keeping track again, I would find I'm eating much more than I think I am. I have the worst problem in the evenings after dinner, the urge to pick lately is overwhelming at times and aside from going to bed at 6:15 pm I have no other solution. Of course then I'd be up at 2 am instead of 3:45.......

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