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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Coming Up - Yoga!

There was a flyer at work for Inner Life Yoga studio - and when I looked up the address I realized it was right next door. I stopped in this morning and was told to call during the week for the Saturday class as all the classes are starting this coming week - how lucky was that! I've been working out at home, but I'm starting to get bored and I've walked down by the river a million billion times. And I've found with exercise you need to keep finding something new, otherwise it gets boring and you find excuses not to do it. I've done well so far, as of my birthday it will be a full year and I've managed to keep the weight off - I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm waiting for my birthday present, I ordered it last week so I would get exactly what I wanted. David and I are pretty lax about gift giving - and have been for awhile. We usually just go shopping on the birthday and the Birthday Person buys what they want - we've discovered it just saves a trip of having to return it and then go get what you want. We're off shopping today, David is making yet ANOTHER trip to exchange the pants he bought - this is the THIRD TIME. He refuses to try them on in the store, he'd rather buy them and then make multiple trips returning them for another size. Jackson will be tagging along also, he's had a bit of a problem with a kid at school. The kid claimed Jackson splashed his shirt when he and David pulled in to drop him off for school and told Jackson he had to buy him a new shirt. Jackson said sorry if I did that, but the kid then announced he wanted to fight - David had turned around and came back (he said he thought something was up the way the kid looked) and when he got there the principal was handling it. Jackson doesn't know if this kid will drop it or not - we're not too worried about the fighting part. David's taught both the boys how to box so he can easily defend himself but I just don't want this stupid thing to escalate into a major problem. There's always one, isn't there?

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