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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You're Getting Warmer....

The snow has finally disappeared, although I hesitate thinking it will be for good. Of course now the grass is resuming it's previous activity of growing so David broke out the mowers yesterday and started on the lower acres - we'll do around back over the weekend. He got a call from the real estate he's been speaking to, he'd been discussing our plans for next year with them earlier in the year and had mentioned that we'd signed with another real estate to sell the two wooded acres and nothing had happened. I've been telling David to call them and have them come get their signs - I was annoyed as we've been listed for over 6 months and they pretty much did nothing - the agent took no pictures and he brought not one person to look at it. So, the agent from Howard Hannah called to let David know a) his contract with agency #1 had expired and b) she has clients to look at the property already. This puts David in a quandry as he sort of changed his mind about selling and now he's really on the fence! Part of him would like to keep the property together but he's tired of taking care of it. David has said either you have a hundred acres or a half an acre - having 6 is tiring as you do have to mow them ALL. I think if he can get his asking price he'll sell - I told him since he's in charge of the yard it's up to him what he wants to do with it. In other news Ray is probably going to be visiting this weekend so I have to re-decat his room, we've been keeping the door closed but they keep getting in there anyhow. David and Pearl are still having thier Window War - Pearl likes to sit on the back of the couch in front of the picture window. She spends the entire day rubbing her nose all over it and David spends a significant amount of time cleaning it as it makes him crazy. He's considering curtains to discourage her but I think that will not work.

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