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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Better Days, Busy Days

We called the garage first thing this morning, David was being bit RUDE as he feels someone should've said something before her car started sounding like a blender and she had to be on call. The garage said bring it in, so we did then off to the office to pick up the papework from yesterday. I scheduled my calls for later in the day (remember the yoga class at noon!!) and David started calling around about a rental after making another somewhat RUDE comment about how we wouldn't have to be renting a car if SOMEONE had said ....I personally felt we should put it behind us. Now. Then he called the garage and my car was done! They are so super nice because they know what I do for a living and they even got it done before the yoga class. So we went to pick it up and then after restocking my car, off I was to my first yoga class. I was going to skip it, but I just brought my cell phone and called the office to ask if they could hold anything non emergent which they did. Yoga is much harder than you think - it looks like people standing in various positions but it's really not. Because when you do this stuff you have to stretch and straighten, flex and hold. You have to stretch and hold it until all of your muscles have the consistancy of speghetti and you just keep doing this until you are all stretched out and stuff. There were 5 people in the group (it's a small studio) and it was more interesting that I thought it was going to be. At the end they have this quiet relaxation thing which I spent hoping all my tendons would be able to still work. After that I did my 3 visits - I tried to call one patient that I kept getting this woman who said she didn't know him. Then she asked why I wanted to talk to him, I told her I just needed to and she said well, I don't know him. I knew that I said and then she asked, well, do you have business with him? I said no, then she said what did you want to talk to him about and I said I thought you didn't know him - she said I don't! and hung up the phone. It turned out the patient had changed his phone number but I just found it hilarious there's someone that nosy in the world!

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