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Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy Bees

The bird feeder is a big hit with the local avian population, they discovered it yesterday and it's been bouncing rather merrily on it's bungee cord ever since. We use a bungee cord to hang it because it keeps the birds from pulling it down (around here they pile on it) and it's easier to get down to fill. Daily. It's driving Pearl crazy, she's pointing all over the place and there's no end in sight. Everytime she thinks she's done, another squad appears. David spent part of the day home today to get the lawn mowed - AGAIN, it's not even June and we're already tired of the lawn. But I have to say, when you're sitting out front under the giant trees, it's worth the work. I know I take a lot of pictures of our yard, but it's so pretty it doesn't look real most of the time. David's busy draining out the pool cover, the frogs will just have to make better choices next year, won't they? I took the LPN with me on a couple of visits so he could get an idea of what we do, of course both patients were difficult sticks, but he seems to be up for it. The weekend wasn't overly busy - I pulled a PICC line from my little pedi patient one day - totally cute. The kid was sitting there hollering away until I yelled "HEY!". The kid was WHAT and I said IT'S OUT. The next day I drove 45 miles to find the patient had gone back to the hospital, but all in all, it wasn't bad. David took me, Jackson, and Becky to Garfield's on Mother's day which was fun - we do love the food there! We went to the bookstore and then grocery shopping. David worked Saturday at Becky's house helping Bob with the siding so he didn't have too much free time this weekend either. I went to yoga on Saturday - I think I'll be continuing with it as it's interesting.

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