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Friday, May 11, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

At last count I have eaten 4 cakes in the past two weeks. First there was my birthday cake at home, then a cake at work. David's birthday cake and then another one yesterday for congratulations on the Nurse of the Year thing (yes, I am blowing my own horn - I've never been anything of the year so let me enjoy it for 5 minutes!). The only problem is I can only spend so much time on the treadmill and yesterday after about 10 minutes developed shooting pains up one leg.  So my two choices are: to drag one leg faster or to stop  eating cake. I am still thinking about it. We hired a part time LPN at work the other day so I'll be hauling him around Monday showing him the ropes and I'm on call this weekend so I am busy busy. I'm waiting for another package from Knitpiks whoo hoo is all I can say! I know I don't need anything else but they have such cool stuff and it's so reasonable. I mean wool for a couple dollars a skein? It would be a crime NOT to order it! (of course when the Yarn Hater sees it coming there might be a homicide in the works.....)David continues on his project in Blacksville, he took pictures yesterday and I can't believe how much progress he's made in the past week or so. Jackson was out there yesterday with him  after school putting down tar paper as they've predicted rain for today. Jackson will be doing summer school this year to make up an english, it's annoying but there's no way around it. We've heard from Adam, he's targeting June 8th as his discharge date and is chomping at the bit. I can't blame him, I'm getting that way too!

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