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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Coming Home

Adam called us last night around 11-ish with news. He likes to do that as perhaps it makes it a bit exciting. There's nothing like being woken out of a dead sleep to hear some life changing events. Adam has decided to leave the military and will be officially sprung in July. Since I was bit bleary at the time, what I can figure is there was a miscommunication and his extension ends July with them thinking he would re-up (he didn't realize he had the choice). He's very excited of course as most people are when making a big decision and had we been more awake and orientated we would have been also. We're a bit worried, where is he going to work, etc but many people are not in the navy and truck around quite nicely with no problems. His game plan is to go to LI first to see family and then is negotiating with my sister for living arrangements. It's going to take a while more to digest this all, but I'll be glad to see him.

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