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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Kick Back, Relax!

We went to Clarksburg yesterday -  I told David I wanted to go to AC Moores which set off a Lecture - that is SO boring. David goes blah blah blah, too much yarn, blah blah, abnormal, blah blah blah and I try to look concerned and stuff usually and then I get another Lecture as apparently I don't look as concerned as he thinks I should about my mental health (or lack thereof). But I had a gift certificate so he had to stop mid-blahblah. While I went to AC Moores he and Jackson went to the Tractor store where they not only sell tractors, but clothes and all sorts of stuff. After that we stopped at Barnes and Nobles because Jackson insisted I replace the book Pearl had started snacking on despite the fact she only ate the epilogue - he's such a pest. It was raining off and on all day but while outside I went to check out the pool area as we have to start getting that ready for the season soon. Much to my dismay there were about a million little tadpoles swimming around in the water caught in the liner. We didn't buy one of those inflatable balls that holds the liner up so the water on top is perfect for Frog Perculating. This puts me in a bad position vegetarian wise - do I cause mass destruction to the local frog population to get the pool open by June or do I wait and let all the little frogs grow up and hop away? They're not doing anything with the exception of the adult frogs who need to find something other to do then produce more baby frogs and make noise all night - and also, no one told them to be messing in my  pool cover anyhow. Bastards. The weather today is a bit cool, but sunny so I suppose I should take Miss Pants outside and let her run and maybe do a bit of weed whacking. All for now!

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lizzardweiss said...

How about you get a pet heron or other frog-eating bird? That way you can let your pet do the dirty deed of decreasing the frog population. Also, this sort of a  pet can stay outside and won't attack your yarn collection when you're late getting home from work?