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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Green Acres Is The Life For Me

I was finally sleeping well last night - after being kept up the previous evening  by haunting images of Adam Who Likes To Spring Crap On His Parents In The Middle Of The Night. Adam will make out fine, I just wish when he decides to make drastic decisions in his life he could do it A) a bit more slowly and B) at a reasonable hour. Anyhoo, I passed out last night around 8:30 only to be awoken at 1 am by a rather fierce thunderstorm. It took me forever to get back to sleep, then I was up at 4:30 am which was ok as I was going to Pittsburgh today. I met Sophie and Deb in the parking lot as I was driving this time around - Kevin and Angelena were following us and my GPS. We took the backway to Pittsburgh - it takes a bit longer but you don't have to sit in traffic so timewise it works out. When we turned down Big Six Road (don't you LOVE that name? I would love to live on that road just for the address) Deb said she'd never gone this way and I said Me Neither! I don't think she liked that, but the GPS got us there in good time. The seminar was more interesting that I thought it would be but you had to do group activities which I hate - it always makes me feel self concious and I worry I'll do something stupid or wrong. We found a table big enough for the 5 of us for lunch and guess who sat in the empty seat next to me again - the president of the company! So I couldn't eat the roll on my fish sandwich even though I wanted to - it was too big to eat politely and trying to eat that in front of someone who makes me nervous would have been a crap shoot at best. He's very nice and remembers everyone's name (even mine) which I think is impressive. The rest of the seminar went well and we even learned some stuff. I got home in good time to find David and Jackson mowing the lawn - all the rain and sunshine has made the lawn grow like crazy and it's so wierdly green it looks fake. Pearl just ran around and played as usual - she's so cute, isn't she? Jackson likes to mow the lawn at this point in time, of course it's only May!

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