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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Guess What!!

Yesterday work continued to be a bit crazy - I had difficulty getting my first IV of the day, the second time I missed the patient started laughing. He said he'd never had a nurse go "Oh Shit!" - I told him it was the medical term which made him laugh more. I got it the 3rd time - it was the first time I'd missed him since I started so all was forgiven. Then I ran to the patient #2 and ended up yakking as I hadn't seen her in awhile. Then on the way to infusion #2 got a call about a problem with a clotted CBC from the previous day. Since I was on my way to no man's land I pulled off the road across from the  Orndorf's farm as that's the only place you can get cell service and played phone tag for a few minutes. I gave them the next patient's name so I could get calls and off I went. The second infusion went well with me continuing to play phone tag and the last call of the day was my boss Tammy who asked if she could put me on speaker phone. Hmm. The reason was that I am Interim's Nurse of the Year!! To say I was shocked was an understatement - I think it's for all of the offices (Interim is a franchise) as that's what Sophie said when I called later about the CBC problem. I can't believe it! And of course I was out of cell phone range so I couldn't call anyone, but the patient's mother sitting next to me on the couch said congratulations. Then it was back to real life. I drove to the patient's house that needed a redraw on the CBC - they live a few miles from the other patient but he was at the zoo so I went to lab and dropped off a set of labs from the other patient - and then got a call from the lab to let me know they'd changed protocol again and couldn't run the labs out of the one test tube. Peachy. So the Nurse Of The Year will be hiding for the weekend as she has had quite enough thank you.

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connie7280 said...

Congratulations on Nurse of the Year.  We knew you had it in you. Love MOM