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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Preston County. Where All Your Dreams Come True.

The weather decided to behave yesterday so instead of shopping, I took Dad and Maryann on the Grand Tour Of Preston County. We drove out to Bruceton Mills first and did breakfast at the Hardware Store/Mills Restaurant - the service as usual is soso (they only have one waitress) but the food is wonderful and all the butter you can eat. We stopped in the general store next to it so they could get some of the local products and souveniers. I took them to see the old Iron Forge near Albright so they could take pictures, Jackson insisted on getting as close to the rapids as possible. I had to laugh when I took thier picture together - Jackson looks like Andre` the Giant! The off to the Route 7 market, Dad got buckwheat pancake mix and some other stuff and then back home after the tour. We went out to dinner a little early, Saturday is a bit dicey in finding a good place to eat that doesn't have a line in front of it. Around here EVERYONE goes out to eat on the weekend so all the restarurants are packed. We went to Triberios off of route 7 - it's a family run italian place and we love it. Dad wanted to pay the bill - it cost him $130, isn't it more fun when it's not your money? The food was excellent, I love thier tirimusu and Maryann had the strawberry shortcake. Dad is diabetic so when we got home I made him some of my sugar and fat free strawberry shortcake which he was pretty impressed with I think. I made them chocolate tofu pudding the other night and for all of you sitting there thinking EEWWW - ask Dad what he thought of it. If I don't say anything, most people think I'm feeding them chocolate mousse instead of fat and sugar free tofu! And we stopped at Sam's Club to buy Jackson TWO cases of Yoohoo which he is horsing down  like a man in the desert. Since it's pretty much skim milk there's no limit on how much he can have -the first 6 pack is gone this morning. It looks like it would like to rain today so we're going on a big shopping tour today, I gave Maryann a gift certificate for Gabes so that's on my list!

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