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Saturday, May 19, 2007

They're Here

Pictures tomorrow. I had everything planned out of course - I would get to work at 7:30am, be out by 9 and have my admission done by 11 - then zip to the grocery store and back home in time to greet Dad and Maryann. Jackson decided to see how slow he could go - he was late for school and I arrived at work at 8. Due to the huge influx of patients I spent most of my time getting authorization from the insurance companies - each one of course having different requirements. My new patient was not answering his phone so I put in a call to the hospital - yes, he had left yesterday in the afternoon. By now it was 10 so I headed over to PA to see if he was home - of course he was. I was out by noon and on the way back to the highway put a call to Dad to see where they were. They were actually closer to home then I was so I zipped down the back roads and just managed to get home about 3 minutes before they did. Pearl had been in the house by herself all morning so Dad and Maryann got the Extra Special Wild Greeting which involved leaping, twirling, and jumping in thier truck. I made them so coffee and after getting settled they decided to take a nap before we went out - when the "nap" stretched into 4:30 I called David to pick up pizza on the way home. David went to pick up Jackson from Becky's around 7 and then we just sat around visiting for the rest of the evening. I think we'll head out to Preston county today, Dad is looking for seeds and yardsales and you'll find both in that direction. On Sunday we'll be shopping because I think the weather report is calling for rain. But today is supposed to be nice so we'll be out and about.

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