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Friday, May 18, 2007

On The Way

My dad should've left this morning around 3 - he expects to be here early. I'm going into work early this morning so I can leave at noon - hopefully. We still have some admissions to do and I have to make sure all the loose ends are tied up. Then I can run home and get the rest of the stuff done around here. Pearl has been foiling my efforts to keep the house clean - last night she graciously unstuffed her bunny and ate two plants. And of course the clouds have moved in - last night a large black cloud insisted on hovering over the house and raining on us intermittenly. But the pool looks good! We ran it for a couple of days and I'm glad we spent the money to have it professionally closed as the water is just as clear as it was when we closed it. We have to get supplies and I'm not allowed to ask if they sell solar covers at Lowes ANYMORE or David will kill me. I thought that was a bit steep but apparently he will get the cover when he gets around to it and if I'm so interested I could get it myself. Pearl of course has been eyeballing the pool and it's only a matter of days before she hops in. I've got to clean up the floats - it's a lot of work but I enjoy having the pool so I' m not complaining.

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