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Monday, May 21, 2007

Visit's End

Yesterday was shopping day - we went to Bob Evans for breakfast after a late start -but it was Sunday and we were lollygagging. There's no reason to hurry around here anyhow, most stores don't open til 11 or so anyhow. We got to the restaurant around 10:30 and were seated right away, we loitered a bit and when we left we were glad we got there before the crowd started coming in - they were lined up all the way to the door! I had gotten Maryann a gift certificate for Gabriel Brothers and I had to get clothes for work - I've discovered recently I have 3 types of clothes - Big Events, Loitering Around The House and Scrubs. So I'm having to increase my office wear which isn't easy - I get sidetracked by the Loitering At Home wear and Funky Clearance and I come home with everything but what I really need. We were there for quite awhile with Dad complaining loudly, I toyed with the idea of calling security but figured he would probably get into it with them and put up a fight,etc so I just ignored him. We did a brief stop at Barnes and Nobles and then back home. I got to pick the restaruant, Golden Corral Buffet which I LOVE - total fun. I took way too much dessert and ended up not even eating half of it, I think I overdid the eating thing this weekend and will be paying for it for awhile. This morning David, Jackson and Maryann are not feeling well - we thought it might have been something they ate but they didn't eat the same things so we'll have to see. Dad and Maryann left a little while ago and I have a couple of hours of personal time this morning so I don't have to be to work until 10:30 or so. The person coming to see me from the office in Pittsburgh isn't coming from Pittsburgh as I thought - she's coming from the Corporate Office in FLORIDA - double Eeekk!! Way big deal I think. Good thing I have new clothes, isn't it?

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