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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Vegetarian On Aisle Three

Jackson and I went looking for David's birthday presents on Sunday in the hunting section at Wal-Mart. We got a turkey call and Jackson wanted to get him a squirrel call. Then he picked out a Distressed Rabbit call - and I put my foot down. I told him the last thing we needed was a yard full of rabbits! We had more than enough rabbits thank you very much - at which point the man shopping next to me (and looking like he'd like to laugh A LOT) very kindly told me using this call would not encourage rabbits to your yard. Just in case YOU need to know - if you use a distressed rabbit call the other little rabbit friends will NOT rush to your yard to save their friend. Quite the opposite - they'll hide and a coyote or bob cat will show up to see what you got good. So we have a rabbit call for David's birthday also and we also got him a birdfeeder. I've heard from Adam daily, he's getting very excited about getting out of the navy, I'm hoping there'll be no delays but we know the navy so I'm sure something will come up. In other news I'm still Nurse Of The Year - but it's for all 350 offices instead of just the ones in West Virginia like I thought, I also get some moola which is nice. I got a nice bouquet of flowers from my sister and her partner and they're residing on my desk at work as we speak. We're not going out for dinner for David's birthday tonight, with us getting home so late it would be pretty hard to enjoy it so we're getting a pizza and I have a cake and then this weekend we'll be going out.

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