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Friday, May 25, 2007

Mow Mow Mow Your Yard

Lately, if you're outside at my house, you're obligated to grab a mower and participate. I have a small one and in the mornings while I have Pearl outside I do all the edges and around the trees. I try to get her out for at least 45 minutes before work and it gives me something to do, other than clean the pool which is ongoing. I am finally getting my solar cover, after asking the The Person That Hangs Out At Lowes a million times I asked Susan who's dad owns the home supply store in Mannington - he's going to order it and then I'll pay him - he can even have it shipped right to my house which is very nice. We've been getting letters from Adam, he's having a good time and getting ready to come back, he's been saving his money too which I'm glad for. Hopefully by the time he gets here the pool will be swimable - although it should be as it's almost the mid 70's now. Work is getting a bit better, we've been discharging some patients and the rest are being organized. The only bad thing is there's no way for me to take Monday off - as it is there are 10 patients that have to be seen that day so I'll be working on through. The LPN will be working too so we should have it covered.We are still working on Ray coming out, his window is being fixed so hopefully he'll be making a guest star appearance in the near future. David is continuing work on his project in Blacksville which is moving right along. We are a busy bunch, arent' we?

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