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Saturday, August 4, 2007

All's Quiet On The Western Front

It's interesting here with just David and I, a bit quieter I suppose. Not that Jackson is a noisy boy -not by any stretch of the imagination but with less people in the house there is a stillness that's not normally here. Of course we still Have Pearl The Pest and her Merry Band of Cats to contend with so it's not all that quiet!. Vincent is at a loss without Jackson, we keep his bedroom door open at night so he can go sleep on his bed. But he comes up to our room occasionally during the night to stare at us as if we'll finally confess as to what we've done with his boy. I'm on call this weekend, but starting next week the other two nurses will be in the rotation, what a relief that will be! I'll only be oncall once a month instead of every other week. I have an admit in the Bridgeport/Clarksburg area, but that's ok because I can go shop my heart out at AC Moores - I am boycotting Michael's at the present time due to their sneaky ways. They have a habit of having a yarn clearance bin and it's all $2 a skein except for one or two bins. I found a yarn I liked in the bin and brought it up to the register - it totalled almost $50!. The cashier sent a worker back to look and sure enough it was all $2 EXCEPT that one bin in the middle. I asked where it said that and neither of them were able to tell me so I told them to keep the yarn and left. Since I have enough yarn at this point in my life to knit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until I either die or expire from Carpel Tunnel, that I have yarn stuffed to the brim in my grandmother's dresser, spilling out of the closet in the guest room and in various drawers and baskets, my Standards Of Yarn have been raised. Slightly. In order for me to buy yarn it either has to be exceptionally good looking or a cheap date. The other reason I need to go to AC Moores (as if yarn is not enough...) is I need a frame for the picture I bought at Bubba's Garage last week when Ray was out. We were poking around the back when I found this picture - the frame is cracked, the backing is warped - but the subject matter is fascinating. It's painted on the glass I believe, not on a canvas - and it's a picture of a woman hanging on the front of a cross facing it, looking skyward. It matches a life sized grave stone in Doll's Run Cemetery so it has to have some sort of significance. When I get a chance I'm going to retake a picture of the gravestone. Ray looked at it and seemed to think I could replace the backing and the frame which I hope I can. David of course LOVES this picture, haha

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