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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Varmits Abound

We have two deer that keep sneaking into our yard lately, I'm sure thier mother is around somewhere since they both look very healthy but they're proabably weaned at this point and are starting to forage on thier own. They were out in side yard last night so I got my camera. The one closest started stomping it's foot and huffing at me - that's a Deer Threat - but I wasn't deterred at all. It was actually pretty cute as they're only a few months past being fawns. The bad thing is they drive Pearl crazy, she's comsumed by Deer Hate and would like to give them a run for thier money so she had to stay in the house and hate them from the french doors. I was glad Vincent didn't see them as he is VERY bad with the deer and enjoys annoying them - they would dearly love to step on him. He's been fairly bad anyhow since his roommate has been lounging around Aunt Janet and Aunt Diane's for the past two weeks - he has no one to play with so we've been subjected to Random Attacks and Sneaking About. He comes flying out of nowhere and then proceeds to bounce around the bed until you throw him off. He can repeat this process until he either tires of it or drives you deep into a dangerous psychosis and he's forced to go bother Claw. Work has been busy - and of course the weather hasn't been co-operating . The one thing I love is some of my patients don't have phones and they tend to live deep in the country. This means I have to use my cell phone and have found myself on occasion  on a rickity back porch in the corner, standing on a box, in the rain - and when they ask if they can put me on hold -that gets a resounding NO (I have one doctor's office that they just immediately put me through since they know they have about 3 minutes before I lose the signal). I still do enjoy the driving the back roads, now that I'm management it's much reduced but I do enjoy the fact that I get to play both sides of the fence. Not much planned today, I might get my haircut again, I hate the one I have now and David says he doesn't want to hear another word about it.

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