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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Vincent is being his usual pesty self - it's been pouring all morning but he went out anyhow first thing. I can't imagine why as when I called him later he was huddled under a tree by the pool, soaked to the skin - what fun could that possibly be? So I toweled him off and gave him breakfast, now he's harrassing everyone since he can't go out. I called in sick today, that would be my 3rd sick day in 2 and a 1/2 years so not a big deal. I had that final tooth pulled yesterday - thank goodness that's it. This particular tooth over the years has been drilled, filled, pinned,covered with porcelin, etc and after all of that - the root was so abscessed he couldn't even do a root canal. He had a bit of a time getting it out and I guess because it was abscessed it made it very sore. I've been taking tylonol steady and it's better this morning ,but I was up most of the night with it throbbing away. It'll be awhile before I can have the partial made - it has to heal pretty much completely or it won't fit right, but it's not too noticable and I don't care overly much in any case. David is planning on having my car inspection done today I think so I can get that over with - hopefully we won't run into any problems. He's done with that renovation so he's taking a couple of weeks off to get stuff done around here. He started siding the back of the house and is making a list of projects. He has a couple small jobs lined up and will stick with that for now, doing a renovation on his own was difficult but around here hiring help is not a good idea - you would be amazed at the abuse of workers comp, it's absolutely disgusting. David and I have both talked to contractors and they all have horror stories.

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