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Thursday, August 2, 2007

It Is August.

July just flew by this year, didn't it? I guess it's like that every year, June and July disappear before you know it, then August comes along, slogging and dragging it's feet, never going to end with it's hot relentless days and sweltering nights. Usually, at this time of year everything is starting to turn brown and dry - not this year. We've had quite a bit of rain lately prompting David  to mow the yard once again. I'll do around the edges this weekend I suppose with my little push mower. We're definately going to sell next year, as beautiful as this place is, it's overwhelming between the yard, the pool and the house and when Jackson graduates next year it'll get worse. He and Adam are having a good time at my sister's, David called last night and Jackson said they're going to LI for the weekend. We're still working on getting rid of the Stupid Hot Tub, someone was supposed to come look last night but didn't - I'm getting tired of bailing it out and it just being there. We're giving it away for free, but it's so huge it's going to be a monster to move. The weather has been hot and sunny lately, I've been in the pool every evening after work as has Pearl The Uninvited who now has figured out that by dropping her toy in the deep end and racing around to the steps - she can actually play fetch by herself. She is such a goose.

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