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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Weekend Is On It's Way

The weather has taken a decidedly icky turn - it's already hot and muggy. The dampness this time of year makes everything feel limp and soggy - the air went on and will remain on until this is over. Yesterday when I was cleaning out the pool I found we had a rather unhappy visitor clinging to the side - a bat! It took me a second to figure out what it was as it was completely drenched and hanging onto the lip of the pool. I took it out with the scooper and it just laid on it's back gasping. Bats in real life are not like Disney Movies. It was not grateful at all, it didn't look at me with dewy eyes or break into song, it didn't even have the common decency to be quiet. Instead it hissed and snapped it's little mouth at me, flapping it's soaked wings which made things difficult on my end. First of Pearl The Pest seemed to feel she should have first dibs on the new toy so I was yelling at her since I knew someone was going to get nailed if she didn't stop. Then I had to try and get the bat off the edge of the pool with the scooper without it falling in again - it was a bit trying to say the least. I managed to roll it off and then rolled it under the edge of the pool so the cats wouldn't see it. When I came back later it was gone so I assume it dried out enough to leave. And no I didn't get a picture - I didn't even think of it til I went out back to see how it was doing. You would think that bat's having that super sonar it would've seen thirty thousand gallons of water, wouldn't you? I doubt we'll be seeing again though!!

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