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Saturday, August 18, 2007

It Still Hurts.

Yes it does - it's the worst in the morning when I wake up, I hop out of bed and straight for the tylonol which I then take every 4 hours throughout the day. I guess because this tooth was a bit closer to the front is why it's more painful but it's not intolorable so I'll quit whining.I just hope it stops hurting before I shut my liver down with the tylonol. David and I are going to out to breakfast this morning with Susan and Roger at the new IHop at exit 7 which as we all know, is the Best Exit in the world. I was there yesterday scouting around Michaels again since boycotting was only hurting me and no large comglomerates were brought to thier knees in the past week so it was an exercise in futility in any case. I bought a new bag and two skeins of yarn on clearance which I thought I had more of at home and it turns out I must've used it all up. Hmm. SO  - either I need to think of a project that requires only two tiny balls of yarn OR I have to find yarn to match, buy it all up and then sneak it past the Yarn Hater which is near to impossible as he seems to have Super Yarn Detecting Skills lately and can spot an illicit ball of yarn from across the yard. My shawl is going very well, better than expected but I'm having problems seeing how it will be big enough. I've checked my needle and yarn gauge which seems to be ok so I guess I'll just keep plugging along and see what happens at the end of it. But the pattern called for 7 hanks of laceweight yarn, I'm halfway through and just started the 2nd hank which is what's got me concerned. I haven't been in the pool much this week between the pain thing and all the rain we've been having - but Claw was in it! While I was vacuuming it yesterday morning Claw was sitting on the edge waiting for me to let her in for breakfast - she was so concentrated on watching me that she didn't see Vincent The Heartless sneaking up behind her. It worked out better than even he thought it would - he gave her a poke and she got so startled she fell in the pool. Mayhem ensued since A) Claw is not overly fond of swimming and B) that's a $3000 dollar liner thank you!! EEEKK. She managed to get out without damaging the liner and Vincent spent the rest of the morning hanging out on the deck with a VERY smug look on his face. 

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connie7280 said...

  I was wondering where Claw was the other day.  You haven`t mentioned her much lately.  Mom