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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Letting Go

This morning was a big event in the house - for me. We went out yesterday to go school shopping with Jackson driving - this morning he went to do a bit of shopping and get some job applications without me. It's hard for him to have any solo time in the car as we're both working so I planned for him to go out by himself this morning - it was a bit harder than I thought it would be. He's a very good driver and since my sister let him go tooling around Sunny Pennsylvania by himself there is no reason for me to go along  - but it was very hard not to. He's got a cell phone, David is over in Fairmont if he needs him, he even has a GPS in case he gets lost but I STILL wanted to go with him. But I didn't - he was trying to be blase` about the whole business, but going in the car by yourself is independence with a capital I, isn't it? He could not wait to get  away from the house on his own - and I was very good about it. I didn't change my mind and pretend there was something from town that I needed, I didn't chase him down the driveway yelling COME BACK WAIT A YEAR OR TWO, WHAT'S THE HURRY, I handed him the keys and told him to be careful. I did watch him drive away from the window, how strange was that. He'll be graduating this year, Adam is living 5 hours away and is talking about moving again, sooner than I think it'll just be me, David and Pearl - the cats of course too.

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