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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back To The Mailroom

It's only Tuesday and the week sucks. Sunday my jaw started hurting even more and I spent the night up and down with it throbbing off and on. I woke up Monday swollen all over - one of the side effects of tylonol and advil are sudden weight gain and according to my scale I've gained 8 pounds in 5 days. So I took my dentist's phone number to work as Monday is NOT a day you can take off, unless of course Death has occurred sometime before 8:30 am. My boss had emailed me that she wanted to speak to me so I went there first, as we all know I'm bound to get things over immediately. She's hired a Director of Nursing who will be usurping my job - I'll be making the same pay but am back in the field for now. The problem of course is the paperwork which is way behind - and there's really nothing  I can do about it since I've been carrying a full load of patients all along and there appears to be no end in sight. I should be more upset I suppose. And I am, don't get me wrong,  but I'm upset to a point. But a lot of what I feel is relief. I can be a field nurse OR a manager but these past 4 months of trying to be both at once have been wearing me down and even I admit for the past month I've been just floating along, not even trying anymore. And the other thing is it lets me out of my contract which no longer applies. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I did think about quitting but I would just end up taking the same job at a different place I suppose. And considering we're most likely going to move in June or so, taking another job for 7 or 8 months doesn't make sense. So I guess I'll just sit back and let it ride. As to my tooth or lack thereof, I'm on antibiotics and I have what they call "dry socket" - a charming condition in which all of the nerves below where the tooth was are exposed which is what causes the pain and throbbing. I have Lortabs for night time and am trying Excedrin for the daytime as I suspect all of this sudden weight gain might not be good for me. David continues to work on the house and has a job lined up for next week if it ever stops raining. Jackson is enjoying David being home as it gives him ample opportunity to take the truck out - by himself. Whoo hoo in his book.

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