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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Better Than A Boyfriend!!

I did my first visit fairly early - it was a blood draw so I wanted to get it to the lab fast. I had to use WVU lab and they are not the best, especially on the weekend. They have a habit of lollygagging and then will call you at midnight to report a critical lab value on the blood you drew at 1 in the afternoon. This is wonderful as then you get to wake up the doctor who pitches a fit - for good reason despite the fact it's not your fault. Even more fun is calling the patient who will cheerfully go back to bed no matter what you say and you can't blame them - obviously they've been like this all day so trying to convince them it's an emergency now is so much wasted air. So I rousted the patient and got it in before 10, then off to the Clarksburg area to do my admission. That went well, shockingly and it left me more than enough time to go to my TOTALLY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE! Even better was the large semi-annual clearance banner, I got two knitting books half price and 10 skeins of yarn for $12 -ha! try and beat that. Now, I don't really need anymore knitting books (or magazines for that matter) and certainly yarn is not an issue, but who can resist? Of course it didn't help that when I got home my package from Knitpicks was sitting on the kitchen table, but the Yarn Hater has been trading guns all month so he hasn't got much to say for himself. His point is he buys and sells guns so he sort of stays "even" while I just buy buy buy. My response to this is Tough Cookies. But I think I might have to slow down as it's even getting to be a bit much, even for me. I didn't get any of the framing stuff as I keep forgetting to measure the picture.I heard from my Mom last night, Grandpa is doing much better, he's been home from the hospital since Thursday and she's hired a 24 hour aide to help him until he gets better. The boys are doing well, they went to the local carnival the other night and are visiting my Dad's side today and then back to Pennsylvania. Jackson will be home sometime next week and I suppose Adam will be starting his life.

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