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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In A Fog

The fog in this area is quite spectacular, it is literally as thick as pea soup and every other cliche you think of relating to fog. I don't have to leave this morning until 8:30 so hopefully it clear up before then. I took Pearl out this morning but she insisted on disappearing every three seconds and after last night I am just not in the mood. I was eating dinner outside so she could run around and looked up to see - no one. That's not unusual so I called her. And called her - nothing. David started to call her and she STILL didn't come back. I was trying not to panic -but as I've mentioned before we have about 200 acres behind us and I'm not sure what's behind that. As I walked towards the barn I could hear her crying, but not see her - that would be because she was standing behind the fence. I love how dogs can always  seem to get out of the yard but cannot get themselves back in. So David had to lift her over the fence while trying not to hit the rusty barbed wire. He was more than annoyed as he's trying to get the rock spread out around the pool - he's buying a wheel barrow today as it's too much to put down with a shovel. He pulled up all the cement tiles around the pool earlier this summer as they were all pitched too and fro from settling over the years. Andy from down the road went and got the stone so now David just has to put down black plastic, the stone and then replace the tiles. He started the roof yesterday and is still finishing the siding on the house. Busy bee.

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