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Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Little Relief In Sight

Thank goodness my face has FINALLY stopped throbbing, I am down to taking Excedrin once a day and two Lortabs at night when it's the worst. For some reason laying down really seems to make it go straight over the top and stay there and it's rather unpleasant to wake up 2-ish with your face pounding so hard you wish it would come off. The fluid is coming off too, I lost a little over 3 lbs the first night I stopped taking Advil and now it's about a pound a day. It would be totally fun if it was Real Weight. My job is strangely enough going well - David had pointed out the other day that for the past couple of months I've been telling him I wished I'd never been made manager and wanted my old job back. He thought it was more upsetting that the decision had been taken out of my hands than the fact I'm back doing visits. And I'm not really "back", I'm "still" doing visits so it doesn't feel like too much has changed. I cleaned out my desk the other day, Deb was more upset about that than I was, I just told her it had to be done and could she please carry my plant - it was a pretty tiny amount of stuff all told. So there ends my adventures in Middle Management. My patients today were off the wall which had me in hysterics in my car - one told me rather emphatically I was going to DIE and pulled out an old Jehovah's Witness comic to prove it (WHAT! I'M GOING TO DIE? STOP THE PRESSES!!) the other one I had to call the doctor and and when asked if it would help if the doctor spoke the patient I had to reply only if the patient was willing to come out, stand on the very corner of the porch on a box and hang over the rail to get a signal so that would be a No. That had them laughing. David is residing the house and I'll take pictures - it looks really nice. He did tan on the front and white on the back, he just has to finish a bit more and he's done.

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