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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Countdown Has Begun

We picked up Le Boy from the airport Sunday - I must admit I've grown quite fond of this flying thing. The airport is only 70 miles from here as opposed to the halfway point which is about 150 miles, most of which is through the mountains. Jackson came home very chatty - we heard all about the mall, Aunt Janet and Aunt Diane's friends who have a baby, Amy and her baby Alex who apparently still has more hair than anyone we know, Adam, the Lesters, etc... He also helped Diane rearrange her pantry which he informed us he knew how to do since he watches The Home and Garden channel a lot. He actually does as he's a bit on the strange side in his viewing habits. The night he came home I subjected to TWO hours of watching grown men hunting around for TWO years to get a picture of a giant squid on the discovery channel. He refused to let me change it even though there was a Graham Norton marathon on the BBC channel. They did get one blurry picture and we got to see various squid leftovers including a 20 foot tentacle that bore an alarming resemblance to an intestine as they are on the menu for sperm whales who have amazingly big teeth weighing up to 2 lbs each. These teeth apparently are just perfect for Squid Nipping. Vincent was glad to see Jackson and has not been far from him since he got home. School starts in a couple of weeks, that came up pretty fast - we're going shopping for clothes this weekend. There will be no more Hot Topic pants- he can't believe I even mentioned that, he would look ridiculous! (even though he was wearing them 3 months ago.....) so I guess that age has passed. We'll take him school shopping this weekend as I am not oncall - they also hired another full time nurse over in the other office so now oncall is only every 5 weeks -instead of every two.

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