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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The weather continues to be so oppressively hot it's unbelievable. It's even hot at night and the humidity is a killer. I had to do a long visit in a house with no airconditioning or fans - I don't know how anyone stands it! By the time I left my clothing was peelable and I had my face right to the dashboard with the air blowing on high. I didn't get into the pool yesterday at all, we needed to go shopping when I got home as we are out of everything. Jackson is a budget breaker as he will disappear for a few minutes and then suddenly appear with an armload of junk food. I've tried running off with the cart but the little bugger is pretty fast and rather crafty at times so it does no good. David has been residing the house all week but with the heat he was a Big Crabbypants when I got home and was yelling at everyone. I thought he was crazy for being up on the side of the house in this heat but what do I know. Anyhoo, the house looks great, we had the Tudor look going which was ok from a distance but upclose it's just boards and painted plywood. He also replaced the front windows so they both look the same now - I'll take pictures again when he's done. I'm off again this weekend but will be doing an admission possibly tomorrow. The poor nurse this weekend is on call for the first time and she is swamped. The patient I'll do if she comes home lives only a couple of miles from me so I said I'd do that. Other than that I'll be laying around and knitting. I'm plotting more yarn acquistion, since I lost my managerial position I'm thinking I might have to drown my sorrow in yarn! But I'm sure the Yarn Hater will try to stop me, bastard.

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