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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things Are Ok This Week. So Far.

Monday at work was horrendous, but it usually is. All of my problem patients spent most of the weekend being disobedient which made me spend most of Monday tracking them down and then being horrified by what they did - and didn't do. I told Susan I was no longer doing home nursing, just Damage Control at this point. But I made it through and hopefully today will get a bit better. Jackson has his first day of school and it went well, he has lunch with people he likes and is still in MTech. David continues to work on the house, he has the sides to do and then he's finished. He's starting a small roof job later this week and then has to finalize with the Porch People. He really wants to finish the house though and I've suggested he call the RE to discuss the game plan for the spring while he has a little time and the weather is still good. We aren't starting until April but I have a feeling that will come sooner than you think. My dry socket is finally resolved, I only took tylonol once yesterday when I went to bed so hopefully I'm done with that. I'm continuing to work on my shawl of course, it's getting bunchy on the cable needle so it's hard to tell how big it really is right now which is driving me crazy.

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kath1996 said...

Hey Julia, why don't you just transfer the shawl onto a bigger circular needle?  Get a 24 inch or a 32 inch circular.  I am currently procrastinating (spelling?) working on a lace shawl and am using 24 inch size 5 addis, but will be switching to 32 inch cables whenever I get back to the thing.  Larger cables will make your shawl work easier too.  In the meantime I'm knitting a sweater for Ken.  Kathy