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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Am Going To Puke.

When Jackson returned from my sister and Diane's he brought two dozen Dunkin Doughnuts with him because you can't buy them here at all and he claims Krispy Kreme just doesn't float his boat. I do agree with him, but two dozen? Jackson suggested I bring  one box into work but that wouldn't be enough to go around. Jackson then suggested I just give doughnuts "to the people you like" - which I thought was pretty hilarious but not a workable plan. So everyone is eating doughnuts which probably have little to no nutritional value until they're gone. Anyhoo, I will just work it off on the treadmill and pool, David was making some noise but since I've managed to maintain my weight for well over a year he can blow it out his piehole. As far as I'm concerned the dunkin doughnuts are a limited engagement, not a lifelong commiment and what's the point of diet and exercise if you can't enjoy yourself once in awhile? I was in the pool yesterday afterwork - the temp has dropped over the past few days and the problem with swimming that late in the afternoon is it gets quite chilly since by then the pool is in the shade. It was actually cool enough to wear a jacket when I took Pearl out for her first run of the day - I know we have some hot days coming but you can just start to feel a bit of a chill in the air. I have to find out when the Buckwheat Festival is this year so I can start bugging Ray but it won't be too much of a bugging as he very much enjoyed himself last year.

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