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Sunday, August 12, 2007

What I Did Yesterday....

...Pretty much just goofed around .You have to do that once in awhile. I did get a few things done, but have still not addressed the giant zucchini on my counter. Lately we've been getting overwhelmed with vegetables - I don't mind the normal sized ones, but why on earth do people have to grow things like zucchini the size of baseball bats? What' the point - you can't possibly eat something that large and since it's just me eating it, eek! And then after people grow these freakish things they lurk around trying to palm them off on unsuspecting victims by asking if you want some zucchini, tomatoes etc without mentioning that carrying it into the house will give you a hernia. Then it's up to you to either eat it til it's gone or find another home for it. David and I went out for lunch yesterday to Bob Evans - we usually end up having pancakes or french toast - it was way too filling but lots of fun. I got my hair cut again yesterday too, so it now looks like I wanted it to in the first place. This hair dresser had no problem cutting it short after I explained what it was that I wanted. The weather was very nice yesterday, Pearl and I went swimming (of course!) and then walked the property. David has let the lower two acres go back to woods and just mows a path through it - with all the rain we've had this summer he's  had no break from mowing. Some of the nettles which I hate (they're huge spiky plants) have bloomed and now I'm glad we have them. First off, if you let them be they get really pretty purple spiky flowers on the end - and they attract butterflies! I was out trying to get a picture of them but it's not as easy as it looks to take a good one. I finished watching the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy last night, Jackson and I had tried to watch it all in one shot a couple of years ago and after 6 or 7 hours (we have the extended version) it stops making sense. So I've been watching one disc a night and last night I watched the last one. Jackson will be coming home today, I'll be glad to see him. And so will Vincent The Troublemaker.

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