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Sunday, August 26, 2007

One More Day For Jackson

Yep, as of tomorrow, Jackson starts his senior year. He is completely full of himself and gives weekly updates on the Direction Of His Life which morphs and rolls depending on the day and mood. The Navy Seal thing is fading a bit since we found out you have to serve 4 years before they'll even consider you so he has some other plan of action waiting in the wings. We did a bit more school shopping - I've discovered over the years not to race out the week before school and do it - most of the time after the first week everyone is back in thier summer clothes and if you buy more than the basic school supplies you've obviously bought all the wrong stuff and will have to re-buy everything on the list they send home. It's just annoying that we're almost done with the school thing before I got that all figured out. The temps have dropped today and the grey clouds have rolled in so not much doing today. The grass is too wet to mow and it's too dismal to swim, it's getting to the time of year where I spend more time cleaning the pool than playing in it. David finished up the front of the house last night and is now working on the side and replacing the last of the windows. The front looks much better because the windows match each other - if you look in the first picture you'll notice one window opens across and the other up and down which always made it look off kilter. I'll be glad when he's done and gets everything to the dump - the mess part is the worst with all the old siding and so forth lying around.

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connie7280 said...

              Hi Julie,  the house looks great.  David did a great job.   MOM