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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Calm After The Storm

Well, a lot of lookers but no takers so far. David and I went for pizza last night as we had the RE coming around 6pm, but they were late and we arrived back home while they were still here. We just sat outside and ate so no big deal. But it's hard as the house has to be kept neat at all times and as you know the Tide Of Flotsom waits for no man so we are constantly going through the house to keep it at bay. The pets are not helping but they never do. Susan might be coming by this weekend to take a dip in the pool, the temp is finally starting to rise again, it went down to 72 degrees from a balmy 94 which sucked. It's back up to 78 this morning and I spent about an hour vacuuming it out as it's been raining intermittently all week and quite frankly, I just haven't had time. David is finishing up the back room this week, I'll take pictures when he's done, it look beautiful considering it started off as a 70's hot tub room complete with astro-turf carpeting, mirrors and cheesy statues. We are still hashing out where we will be going, I was up visiting with the 2 AM Girl, she actually showed up around midnight so we could start the Stress Festival early. Well, at least she's always around when I need her.....

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