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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Knit Goes On

Well, I'm finally into the home stretch on the My House blanket, that took long enough didn't it? I'm on call this weekend so I'm pretty much tied to the house and local vicinity so if I don't get too busy I can put a little more of a dent in it. My yarn stash is piling up, I've been lurking around Big Lots again, I can't help it!, all the yarn that's 5 or 6 dollars a skein in Micheals is a dollar in Big Lots. It's like a tiki room in a rehab -no matter how hard you try you just can't stay out of it. Yesterday hit a high on Sucks Alot Meter at work, I had 3 patients, 2 of whom had problems of epic proportions which required multiple phonecalls all around. My resignation goes in next week as I had planned, David is moving right along with the house. If we don't sell it, it will be a beautiful place to live - the back room that used to be a hot tub room is suddenly hitting the Spectacular Level with the catherdral ceiling and windows overlooking the forest. The septic system is done, the roof is done, on and on. We have sort of picked a place to relocate which is bearing further investigation but it looks good. We haven't heard from Adam or Jackson all week  but that's not unusual and I don't recall calling my parents every day at that age. (actually, I don't do that at this age either). Today I'm doing paperwork then starting to pack up at least the knick-knacky things to declutter a bit more. David and I are not big collectors (well, except for yarn.....) but when you take pictures it always turns out you have more stuff than you thought you did. David is taking Vincent to the vet this morning for those bald patches on his neck so he's incarcerated for the morning and we are all VERY aware of it. Just wait til he gets a load of the cat carrier.........

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