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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

I don't know about your part of the universe but mine has become hellish quite quickly. It's been the upper 90's for the past few days so we spend a great deal of time trotting from the central air to the pool to the central air. I wish I had my camera earlier to catch Pearl sitting on the steps up to her neck in water with her eyes closed, she looked like the happiest dog in the world. This week she helped us inadvertently disprove the theory that if you touch a baby bird the parents will not feed it - as she knocked a nest full of them out of a tree. David put them all back in the nest and put it right and when he checked a couple days later they were still alive and well. But today there is only one really huge one - apparently if there's not enough room at the inn, the bigger chick will ix-nay the others in order to survive - hmm, who's the murderer now! David has been busy this weekend as the RE will be making an appearance this week so we now have curtains and stuff. My poison ivy is FINALLY drying up, but I have a sun burn now too so I'm all red and peel-ie, how attractive is that! Jackson is on LI, he arrived a little while ago and was helping Grandpa put in the air conditioners which given that he's used to central air, he was probably more than happy to do. I deposited the last of his graduation money yesterday so he's a rich boy for the moment. The Magic 8 Ball Weather Predictions will start tomorrow in case anyone is interested, I am putting my money on the 8 ball.

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